Just Duet Dancewear creates limited edition, handcrafted dancewear sets to elevate your confidence to the next level.

And we bring our Pop-Up Boutique right to you.

My daughter, Mia, has been dancing since the age of 2, she is 11 now.  She loves to dance! The dancewear she dances in is from Just Duet Dancewear. It is well constructed, moves with her and she feels confident dancing in it. The designs and fabric are age appropriate and fun! Not to mention, the owner of the company is easy to get ahold of and takes ‘special orders’ to please her clients. I would highly recommend Just Duet Dancewear clothing!!!

Nichole Chennault

As a dance teacher, I like when my students wear form fitting clothes so I can see their body alignment. However, it is distracting to both anyone watching as well as the student when their dancewear doesn’t fit right. My students are always wearing such cute and well fitted dance clothes from Just Duet Dancewear! I never see my students tugging at their clothes and they feel confident in them! On top of that, I can always guess which ones are JDD. They are always the cutest outfits in the room!!!

Briana McNamara