What is a Pop-Up Boutique?

As a locally owned business, we bring our Pop-Up Boutique straight to you. A Pop-Up Boutique is an in-house boutique hosted by your local studio, academy, or event. This means we take our latest, limited edition designs and create a unique shopping experience just for you! We set up our boutique at your convenience and display our designs for you to browse and try on. We’ll have a banner so you can pose and take photos with your new dancewear to share on social media. Once you snap a few photos, all you have to do is follow and like us on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on our accounts. Stay updated with upcoming Pop-Up’s near you! Our designs are always changing so you’ll always have the chance to find something new and unique!

Why should you host a JDD Pop-Up?

Our Pop-Up Boutiques provide quality dancewear to your students while simultaneously giving you the chance to support small business! We care about our fellow dance, gymnastics, and cheer communities and aim to provide you with the quality and coverage you desire with all the added flare and exclusiveness of our limited designs. As a supporting host, we provide you with special incentives as a thank you for hosting us. If you are affiliated with a local studio or academy, feel free to contact us if you’re interested! For more information about host incentives, you can fill out our form to book us today!